Info · 16. Juni 2023
Wow, can't believe it's almost a year since my last post. Lot of work in-between and nothing new to show, sadly (can't share my work publicly). However, I did learn a lot, especially working with C++ and Unreals Framework. Therefore I created my own, small little Wiki where I keep solutions I have found to certain problems using Unreal. DaveTheFreak Unreal Engine 5 Wiki Oh and there is also a new tab at the top to the new, mostly private wiki that others may use to solve their problems. ;)
Info · 20. August 2022
Unreal Engine C++ Development.
Info · 16. November 2020
The website has been partially re-designed focusing more on my work.
Info · 05. Oktober 2019
Now there's a dedicated section with some info about me.
Info · 20. September 2019
The Beyond Evolution Experience page is now open for visitors. The downloads and several links will follow soon.
Info · 01. September 2019
Welcome to, my personal website for sharing my work and everything else with the world. The name DaveTheFreak is my artist name, while I am actually called Dave (or David) Scholze. I'm a game designer working with the Unreal Engine 4 and what you'll find in this very realm are my games, my experiences (short games etc.) and my portfolio. Enjoy!