Releases · 22. September 2019
Finally, Beyond Evolution has been released. Please make sure to check the official Beyond Evolution page under "Experiences". All download links can be found there. Have fun playing!
Info · 20. September 2019
The Beyond Evolution Experience page is now open for visitors. The downloads and several links will follow soon.
Experiences · 19. September 2019
The experience/short game Beyond Evolution is almost finished. It's simply awaiting the verdicts of a few testers and once everything is allright, it'll be released within a week.
Info · 01. September 2019
Welcome to, my personal website for sharing my work and everything else with the world. The name DaveTheFreak is my artist name, while I am actually called Dave (or David) Scholze. I'm a game designer working with the Unreal Engine 4 and what you'll find in this very realm are my games, my experiences (short games etc.) and my portfolio. Enjoy!