A Collection Of Birds
Visualization · 21. Juni 2021
In interactive exhibition for the web-browser.
Visualization · 19. November 2020
A new archvis project: from Revit to Blender to Unreal.
Info · 16. November 2020
The website has been partially re-designed focusing more on my work.
Visualization · 13. August 2020
Learning more in Blender and first Interior Design.
Art · 03. August 2020
There is a new section "3D ART" where I will post everything 3D.
Games · 12. Februar 2020
Version 1.1 has just been released with new features.
Experiences · 12. Januar 2020
Final Release with Version 1.01 that features many improvements.
Experiences · 08. Januar 2020
Beyond a Room, a short VR visualization project is being soft launched.
Releases · 31. Oktober 2019
Dimensions, a game made for and during my BoA thesis [2013], is being release to the public.
Games · 06. Oktober 2019
New images from Beyond The Split are here. While the style has changed a bit, the game remains the same. Also a new legacy page has been created to view previous versions of the game.

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