Knowledge - Top Skills

Unreal Engine 5 | Game Design | Architecture Visualization


Knowledge - Main Skills

Interaction Design | Level Design Unreal Blueprint Development Unreal C++ Development Unreal Engine Tool Development

3D Modelling & Rendering Virtual Reality Interactive Storytelling QA Tester

User Experience [UX] 3D User Interface [UI] Video Editing Customer Service


Software - Top Skills

Unreal Engine 5* Blender 3D* Adobe Photoshop*


Software - Main Skills

DaVinci Resolve Studio* Affinity Publisher* Adobe XD*


Software - Complementary Skills

Adobe Suite | Affinity Suite* | Autodesk Revit | Autodesk AutoCad Autodesk 3Ds Max | Unity 3D* | Daz Studio*

idTech 4 (deprecated) UDK (deprecated) Microsoft/Libre/Google Office German & English language


Top Soft-Skills

Creativity Adaptability Cooperation


Unreal Engine

Blueprints C++ Custom Tools

Materials Lighting Tech Art

Level Design | Performance Optimization


* = Commercially usable license owned



Aug. 2021 - today  |  Software Development Company (contact me for more info) - Fulltime |  Leipzig [Germany]

- Developing complex game logic and interactions using Unreal Engine 5

- Quickly iterating and developing features using Blueprints and basic C++

- Complementary use of C++ for improved performance and stability
- Designing interactions and gameplay mechanics for a tactical simulation

- Tool programming to speed up the editor workflow
- Creating large open worlds based on satellite data

- Porting a complex Unreal Engine 4 project to Unreal Engine 5
- Setting up lighting, materials, player-logic and much more

- Improving graphical quality with tech-art like developing a weather-system and creating VFX for it
- Performance profiling and optimization for the best performance to quality ratio
- UI/UX Design for simulation controls and UI

- UI/UX Design for interactive mobile app
- Blender & Photoshop to Unreal-workflow
- Video-Editing using DaVinci Resolve Studio 18
- 3D Art and (pre-rendered) Augmented Reality


Nov. 2019 - Aug. 2021 |  self-employed  |  Leipzig [Germany], Toronto [Canada]

- 2 years of experience modelling and rendering within Blender.

- 1 year of experience with the Unreal Engine 4 for both Games and Architecture.

- Successfully released an interactive and highly customizable virtual reality kitchen-visualization in less than two months.

- Finished several architecture projects within Blender.

- Completed 4 weeks Autodesk AutoCad & Revit course to improve architectural knowledge and to optimize the production-pipeline from professional BIM software to Blender and Unreal Engine.


Sep. 2014 - Aug 2021  |  indie-developer, self-employed  |  Leipzig [Germany], Toronto [Canada]

- Over 6 years of experience designing, prototyping, optimizing and finalizing projects.

- In-depth knowledge of the Unreal Engine 4 specializing in Blueprints, Materials, Level Design, Optimization, Testing, Virtual Reality, Mobile and Unreals own production pipeline.

- Successfully completed two modifications, a game utilizing ray traced effects and an interactive architectural visualization specifically developed for virtual reality devices. Other projects wip.

- Invested a significant amount of personal time researching industry leading platforms and technologies to develop my proficiency to a professional level.

- All of my work has been deeply affected by my passion for games, my pursuit for creativity and my extensive understanding of modern technologies.

- Additional knowledge gathered in UI design, 3D Modelling and Video Editing through years of  experience to seamlessly merge different types of media.


Feb. 2020 - Jul. 2020  |  Toronto [Canada]

- Lived ~5 months in Toronto and surrounding areas.

- Practiced spoken and written English on a daily basis.

- Visited many locations and met many new people to grow as a person.


Dec. 2020 - Feb. 2020

Sep. 2019 - Feb. 2020  |  TAS AG |  Leipzig [Germany]

- Successfully communicated complex concepts and processes to customers and professionals alike.

- Demonstrated high responsibility managing and updating financial asset portfolios.

- Provided financial information and education on various diversified funds/bonds.

- Solved software related exceptions for increased customer experience and satisfaction.

- Maintained company’s excellent communication standards with a positive attitude.

- Provided highly specialized services for people in need.

- Participated in several team building measures to increase performance.

- Showed high level of commitment to ensure customers needs are met.

- Actively applied de-escalation techniques before forming an appropriate response.

- Answered incoming customer calls with regard to billing concerns, investment potential, problem solving, troubleshooting and general queries


Nov. 2017 - Sep. 2019  |  momox GmbH |  Leipzig [Germany]

- Effectively showcased endurance and persistence to prepare customer goods for shipment.

- Used management and communication skills to section employees to places of need.

- Increased job security by actively analyzing and communicating hazards as a security agent.


May 2017 - Jun. 2017  |  GDWM Industrie Design - Freelance |  Berlin [Germany]

- Developed immersive and engaging interactions for an architectural visualization.

- Complete Virtual Reality integration and draw call based performance optimization.

- Overall consulting on how to prepare, import and finalize 3D assets for Unreal Engine 4.


Jan. 2013 - Mar. 2013  |  mimimi Productions - Internship |  Munich [Germany]

- Designed intriguing puzzles while rewarding the player using an achievement based system.

- Thoroughly analyzed performance related issues resolving them e.g. using occlusion culling.


Sep. 2011 - Dec. 2011  |  Chimera Entertainment - Internship |  Munich [Germany]

- Created and reviewed test case scenarios in order to fix game-play and stability related issues.

- Designed engaging and narrative driven quests and missions.

- Translated quests and in-game descriptions from English to German.

- Gathered and documented all necessary information to create an in-depth wiki for players.





Further Education








Udemy Courses

Bachelor of Arts - Game Design [2.0 German]

Highschool Diploma


Autodesk AutoCAD 2D [Grade: Very Good / 1.0]

Autodesk Revit [Grade: Very Good / 1.0]

Scrum Master from

Entrepreneurship [GER]


Security Agent [GER]

Smart Serve [Ontario, CAN]


The Ultimate Blender 2.8 3D Modeling Guide

The Psychology of Color in Game Design & Development

[WIP] Unreal Engine 5 C++

3 years / macromedia Munich

8 years / Gymnasium Brandis


4 weeks Course / Indisoft

4 weeks Course / Indisoft

2 weeks Course / Indisoft

4 weeks Course / ciT Leipzig


3 days Course

4 weeks Course

* = Commercially usable license owned