Dave Scholze

The One-Man behind Dragonwolf Interactive. Having always wanted to create video games, this is a dream come true. Being able to make my ideas come to live is something astonishing and amazing. My goal is to make games that are fun but still educational in some sense and perhaps with a slightly darker tone to it.


It all started when I was young trying to create games with Word and Excel. Later on I experimented with Dungeon Siege, Warcraft 3 and ESO: Morrowind until I joined the Doom 3 Modding-Community. That's when it became serious, releasing two big projects and studying Game Design with a few projects attached to it. Ever since I got my Bachelor Degree I was working hard on making prototypes until I finally found an idea worth pursuing: Beyond the Split.


Lukas Fretz

Project: Beyond the Split

Area: Music- & Ambient-Composer, Sound FX


Marc Wippich

Thanks for all the help tech-wise and especially for testing and even breaking the game.

Benny "Tervice"

Thank you for testing the game and giving constructive feedback.